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Sora no Woto: 09 Pantsu, Rain, and Children

Episode starts off with pantsu. Always a good sign. It looks like the story finally might start up after this ep. I hope. Of course, pantsu is fine too. All in all, a good ep. Picture heavy post. Obviously, the post below doesn’t apply anymore. Read more after the jump.

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Touhou anime for next Comiket


Someone pinch me.  The day I have been dreaming of has finally arrived.  There will be a doijin made anime Musou Kakyou ( 夢想夏郷) that will be available on dvd at the upcoming Comiket.  I was surprised to see the names of some professional seiyuu such as Miyuki Sawashiro and Mai Nakahara.  Full details are available here (Jap).  Can’t wait.

To aru Majutsu no Index First Impression

Well it looks like another light novel anime adaptaion by J.C. Staff. It’s off to a good start. Read more after the jump.

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Fall 2008 Anime: Final Decision

Out of my list of the fall 2008 anime, I have decided on 4 that I will be blogging for now. Read more after the jump.

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Toradora! 2

Looking pleased

Taiga Approves

Ep 2: Ryuuji and Taiga
Continuing where we left off last week, it seems that this episode establishes a strong basis for our main characters. Let operation match making begin! Wacky high school hijinks on! Read more after the jump.

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A sneak peak at Clannad: After Story. Oh my.

Despite my decision to hold off on watching After story until I completed the Clannad game in its entirety, I wasn’t able to hold back. I watched the OP for Clannad: After Story. I’m speechless. I’m in love. Again. Everything is perfect. The music, the nostalgia, the animation. It looks like Kyoani will actually cover some more of the side routes as well as the after story this time around. Surprisingly, this has renewed my determination to hold back from watching the anime. Now excuse me while I go finish the game.

Toradora! First impression

Toradora! is turning out to be a delightful little gem that I can only hope to shine even brighter. Read more after the jump.

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