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Really? Really! Why is alicestep withholding my stepmania supercell/nagi fix?

All right, so who's funny idea was this? Who must I kill?

Not having anything else to post on I play stepmania. I was just on my routine simfile checks, specifically searching for supercell/nagi さよならメモリーズ Sayonara memories simfile. I managed to snag one, courtesy of AGR, but it turned out to be the low quality music one ripped from supercell’s site. A thought hit me. Alicestep has never failed me yet!
Yes, success! And full ver too, just what I was looking for. *kachi*


Moonspeak in red states open period for public until 2/26

What is….I don’t even…
Just why?
What’s even more sad is 550000 bots people got there before me. I just don’t understand why you would take it off, it isn’t like you are hosting the file or anything… *sigh*
Vid of said simfile.
..Well I was going to embed the player, but. The limitations of is becoming increasingly apparent.
said video


Anime blogging woes already????

Sad girl in snow

Look! A Distraction. Sad girl in snow

Staring blankly at a white screen with a blinking cursor for hours isn’t fun. Why is it that I find it hard to come up with posts of substance for my most favorite and beloved hobby? Why is it that when confronted with the pressure of writing enough posts to start this blog, I come up blank? Rather than write said posts, with sudden intense interest, I start to study and count the number of holes in my ceiling. Writer’s block? Maybe not? Read more after the jump.

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