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VN Tears to Tiara translation patch: Beta testing


If you haven’t heard, the translation for the VN by Leaf, Tears to Tiara, has finished and is currently in beta testing. Noticing that Dakkodango Translation group needed beta testers, I went ahead and applied. Having no previous experience in the translation community, I thought for sure they would pass me up for more talented individuals. ~~Lucky~~

Go here for more info.
The OP for your viewing pleasure.


To aru Majutsu no Index First Impression

Well it looks like another light novel anime adaptaion by J.C. Staff. It’s off to a good start. Read more after the jump.

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Fall 2008 Anime: Final Decision

Out of my list of the fall 2008 anime, I have decided on 4 that I will be blogging for now. Read more after the jump.

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A sneak peak at Clannad: After Story. Oh my.

Despite my decision to hold off on watching After story until I completed the Clannad game in its entirety, I wasn’t able to hold back. I watched the OP for Clannad: After Story. I’m speechless. I’m in love. Again. Everything is perfect. The music, the nostalgia, the animation. It looks like Kyoani will actually cover some more of the side routes as well as the after story this time around. Surprisingly, this has renewed my determination to hold back from watching the anime. Now excuse me while I go finish the game.

Toradora! First impression

Toradora! is turning out to be a delightful little gem that I can only hope to shine even brighter. Read more after the jump.

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Interesting so far…

Alright.  Who was it really...

Alright. Who was it really...

Always on the lookout for ways to kill time, I decided to decrease my horrendous backlog of visual novels. Somehow passed over and unplayed, the visual novel PP ピアニッシモ or PP Pianissimo caught my eye. Read more after the jump.

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Fall 2008 Anime

Anime ripe for the picking.

Anime ripe for the picking.

Being a little behind the ballgame here, I finally perused the selections for the fall 2008 anime. I have high expectations for this season. Being new to the anime blog scene, I suppose I have to set up some sort of framework for my new anime watching posts. Read more after the jump.

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