Fresh on the scene Oct 2008, this blog is a casual blog that will deal mainly with subjects such as anime, manga, visual novels, games, and the occasional rants and raves that an otakuesque lifestyle inevitably brings about. For now, this is not meant to be a comprehensive review, summary, or event blog. I’m sure that there are much more superior blogs on those. Thinking on it, this will probably just be a chance to rant and rave outlet for me to express what ever 2d related events I experience and share them and my thoughts on this blog.

First things first, kactaplb is an otaku who currently resides in the United States. I am currently attending a university, and failing attempting to finish up my pre-med requirements for med school.  Having been innocently introduced to the curse joy of anime in 2006, I have been addicted ever since. Of course from anime, manga only followed suit. I dived into the visual novel scene after I was introduced to Air. But really, I like everything 2d. Which we all know is superior to 3d.

With introductions out of the way, I guess I should expand on the reasons for starting this blog. Being a long time lurker of teh internets, I found a convenient anime blog aggregator site(anime nano), and consequently discovered … blogs about anime.  Surprising how that works. I liked what I saw. I started frequenting various blogs. However, for what ever reason, I never got involved(such as commenting) other than reading the posts. Then on one cold October night, not wanting to study for the upcoming exams, this blog was born.

I hope to add more to this blog in the future.  I haven’t really decided on what the blog’s main focus will be, so for now, I’ll just write whatever comes to the top of my head(and is the easiest to write).  In an effort to fight my inherent procrastination right off the bat, I’ll try to update the blog with at least 2? entries a week.

Since I don’t know where else to put this thing

Disclaimer: All images, files, and content used in this blog belong to their respective owners. Any images and files may be removed per owner’s request.
Ah yes, and there will also be NSFW content and images. If offended, by all means, find another blog to waste time on.

*edit-Come to think of it…Since this is hosted on … They prolly has some rules against nsfw content… O shi– O well. Guess if I get reported, I shall hunt down the ones responsible I could always have this hosted elsewhere…


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