Sora no Woto: 09 Pantsu, Rain, and Children

Episode starts off with pantsu. Always a good sign. It looks like the story finally might start up after this ep. I hope. Of course, pantsu is fine too. All in all, a good ep. Picture heavy post. Obviously, the post below doesn’t apply anymore. Read more after the jump.

Today is apparently harvest day for their garden. Kureha starts boasting, and we find out that her father is a war hero of some sort. Noel is off doing her own thing-making a pile of dirt and being amazed by some bug. Figures.

Harvest tiem

They hear Rio playing some jazzy trumpet. It seems Rio is having a hard time dealing with the phone call she received last ep. Something to do with Arkadia, I’m sure.

Cut to pantsu, pantsu, and more pantsu. The way they insert fanservice is genius. It’s like fanservice, but not! Genius. Kanata notices that Rio is acting strange. Apparently she memorized her eating habits-Rio is a picky eater. More of Kureha’s waxing about Kurausu.

I see what you did there...Genius.

Tempura~ I wants

Rio you picky eater

Instead of playing with ojiisan, come play with m-- /shot

Why won't you be mine!? Am I not good enough? *yuri mode on*

Hmm pantsu....*drool*

A typhoon settles in. They get a late night visit from Kurausu, who has a message for Rio from army hq. They invite him inside. Rio retreats to her bedroom to mull over the message. Suddenly Naomi, Yumina, and a third wheel burst in. Gear up, it’s an emergency! One of the orphaned kids are missing!

Rio in yukata

Kurausu and Kureha almost run over one of the orphan kids. She knows something, and knows where the other missing one is at. The two apparently were growing a garden near an abandoned house by the riverside. One of them got the silly idea to go try to save their eggplant garden in the middle of a typhoon. Kids…*sigh*

Don't cross the road without looking kids!

They safely rescue the kid. The cliff collapses on the path back, and Kurausu and Kureha are trapped. They retreated back to the abandoned house. Seeing that they are running out of time to save the trapped duo, Rio releases her frustration and curses all the orphans in the world. Filicia reprimands Rio, and Noel comes up with an idea.

I haets all the orphans in the world

As the ground slowly breaks away from around them, Kureha finds out that Kurausu isn’t the war hero via missing tattoo. They suddenly hear a bugle call, and they see that the townspeople have dragged out the tank. Noel targets the two, and shoots off a retractable towing line of sorts. Kurausu grabs the line, and manages to save Kureha as the ground breaks from under her. After they were reeled in, Kurausu tries to tell Kureha that he isn’t the war hero she thinks he is, and she simply tells him that he is her irreplaceable person. After the typhoon, he says that he will continue to live up to Kureha’s image. Ep end.

Why does Kurausu need to stand in front of where the tank is trying to shoot?

Kureha, I am your father.

I really wonder where they are taking this series? I’m not exactly sure what to expect from the upcoming ending. I am starting to think it is going to go for 2 cour, either that, or they will try to cram everything in the last few ep. Hopefully they start on Rio’s backstory, and explain the ever mysterious blonde trumpeter that seems to be connected to everyone. The development in this series is a little slower than I would have liked. O well. Bring on the next ep!


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