Ef-A tale of memories/melodies blu-ray review


And so it has arrived. Being a big fan of both the anime and the games, this blu-ray release was a must get. And it didn’t disappoint. Read more after the jump.

Having my laptop HD go south, along with my Ixus camera, I was in despair over the last month or so. That being said, I had to take pictures with my phone to compensate… So yeah… I’ll probably upload better quality pictures when I get a new camera.

I pre-ordered both the Ef-a tale of memories blu-ray boxset and the melodies blu-ray disc 1 through Amazon.jp. My packages arrived a mere 4 days after release. I giddily made my way down to the mail room to pick up my package, and I noticed that the box was slightly crushed. Like so.

Oh the nightmare of every importer

Oh the nightmare of every importer

I rushed home immediately, fearing the worst. Upon opening, my fears were unfounded. Safe! Good thing too, plans of holding those responsible at gunpoint were filling my mind. Moving along. Here they are in all their pixelated, ambient lighted glory.



I was really quite impressed with the memories boxset. The box was decently sturdy. What stood out the most was the surface texture. It almost feels like high quality, thick art paper with acrylic. The discs came in a 3 flap fold out. The packaging here feels a little flimsy, however, it’s fine as it will just be sitting on the shelf.

The memories boxset also came with 2 booklets. One being an Original Art Works Collection featuring artwork mostly from promos and dvd covers. The other was an Editorial Book featuring episode summaries, character files, interviews, and the like. This was a nice touch, as something like the Air blu-ray boxset had nothing of the sort.

The melodies boxset featured the same textured surface as the memories. Quite a nice box. Definitely going in the forefront of my collection. photo-0039

Upon opening the cover, I saw 2 discs, one being the blu-ray, and the other being an extras dvd.

All in all an extremely wonderful purchase. This is a must get for every Ef fan. I apologize for the horrid picture quality, and will reupload when I get a new camera… *sob. Look forward to a post with screenshots of ef in all its blu-ray glory.

I can’t believe it… Upon receiving art boxsets, I usually throw the cardboard inserts away. Isn’t that their purpose? As I was chucking it into the trash, I noticed that there was something inside… Upon further inspection, to my horror, I found a small booklet with a 2 month calender insert. I never realized that there were extra goodies hidden inside those things. It must have been a one time thing, It must have been a one time thing, It must have been a one time thing… Ignorance is bliss.


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