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VN Tears to Tiara translation patch: Beta testing


If you haven’t heard, the translation for the VN by Leaf, Tears to Tiara, has finished and is currently in beta testing. Noticing that Dakkodango Translation group needed beta testers, I went ahead and applied. Having no previous experience in the translation community, I thought for sure they would pass me up for more talented individuals. ~~Lucky~~

Go here for more info.
The OP for your viewing pleasure.


Vocaloid Madness

I'm sure everyone has seen Miku at least once somewhere.

I'm sure everyone has seen Miku-sama at least once somewhere.

So I was surfing the net, and I inevitably stumbled across some videos with Hatsune Miku goodness.  I just can’t get over on how perfect Miku, as a charcter, is.  From her attractive appearance and attire, to her delectable voice, Miku would make a perfect waifu. In hopes of becoming a Vocaloid god Being inspired by Miku’s perfection, I finally got around to messing with Vocaloid; comparable to opening Pandora’s Box.  Read more after the jump.

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Touhou anime for next Comiket


Someone pinch me.  The day I have been dreaming of has finally arrived.  There will be a doijin made anime Musou Kakyou ( 夢想夏郷) that will be available on dvd at the upcoming Comiket.  I was surprised to see the names of some professional seiyuu such as Miyuki Sawashiro and Mai Nakahara.  Full details are available here (Jap).  Can’t wait.

VN Kanon Translation Teaser Patch


The title says it all.  The people over at Non-Directional Translations have released a teaser/beta patch recently.  For those of you who have been waiting, it has been a long wait.  You can get the patch here.

And yes, this blog is still alive.  I just need to survive this final wave of exams, and I should be back to updating regularly.

And just for nostalgia, here’s the OP for kanon for your viewing pleasure.  Ah it’s already bringing back the memories and tears.

Take your time. Look around.


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